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28-06-2024 New payment mades like USDT TRC20/BEP20, ETH BEP20, BNB BEP20 has been added.

15-04-2022 Bitcoin Transactions now need min. 6 confirmations to be marked as processed.

08-11-2021 Surcharge added for transactions that doesn't meet our min value (BTC Only).

28-05-2021 Monero (XMR) Gateway has been enabled. EtherClassic ETC has been removed. Price Protection System has been enabled too.

11-11-2020 All coins now have a min. amount limit. For limits please check : Price details page.

06-11-2020 BTC payments limit has been re-instated. Min amount is 0.01BTC (~$140+) which can be processed. All transactions below this amount need to choose modes of payment.

13-09-2020 BTC payments limit has been removed.

01-08-2020 BTC payments under 0.01 BTC has been limited due to rise in volatility and high fees.

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